826.- Avoid Reality

Si alguien cree que estas Top Ten Reasons to Major in Mathematics son exageradas, es porque no leyó el suplemento de educación de Clarín del domingo.

    10. Learn to reason logically. Who knows, it may be useful someday.

    9. Bring a quick end to unwanted conversations at parties. You can always lie about your major if you meet someone nice.

    8. SOMEBODY has to understand all those equations that make the planes stay up in the air, or all the planes will fall down!

    7. People will ask you to do their taxes. You can refer them to your Uncle Sid the Accountant for a nice commission.

    6. Make 90% of an Engineer's salary without having to take all those courses.

    5. Rebel against all those who told you "You're good in Math, so you should be an Engineer".

    4. When you are abducted by aliens, you will have something to talk to them about.

    3. Learn the Greek alphabet without joining a fraternity or sorority.

    2. People will assume you must be intelligent, or something.

    And finally, the NUMBER ONE reason for majoring in Mathematics is....

    1. Avoid Reality.

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