1389.- Bridging the gap between articles in mathematics and mathematics education: the differences in the use

of : separing arbitrarily long (and unnecessary) sentences, its role and impact. A case study. [esto es parte del título, pero blogger me censura!]

Y como buen paper de educación matemática, me limito a presentar los pocos títulos del único índice de la única revista que revisé, pero que alcanza para señalar la tendencia, en ésta

Reorganizing freshman business mathematics I: background and philosophy

Using dynamic geometry software to convey real-world situations into the classroom: the experience of student mathematics teachers with a minimum network problem

Complex variables in junior high school: the role and potential impact of an outreach mathematician

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jaja,, oxford university press publica eso?


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decadencia, que le dicen

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A mi me caen simpáticos los propedeutas: hacen la carrera con lo que aprendieron en primer año ¿no está muy bién?

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Marcela C. Falsetti and Mabel A. Rodríguez
A proposal for improving students' mathematical attitude based on mathematical modelling
Teaching Mathematics Applications, February 2005; 24: 14 - 28.

On the occasion of having to design an introductory course of mathematics for the University (UNGS, Buenos Aires, Argentina) we took into account the perspective of mathematical modelling. In this article we present the theoretical framework that we elaborated on to design our course. This framework allowed us to adapt the generic perspectives of modelling and problem solving to the characteristics of our students. In the second part of our article, we describe the resulting introductory course based on the theoretical aspects previously mentioned and we show some results, from the course, which evidence a positive attitudinal change in the students.

Received February 2001. Accepted March 2004.

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de la cara, anónimo, de la cara! (aunque viendo la ip... creo que se la estoy viendo)