1463.- Otro

Ya el título invita a ver el paper: The significance of Nathanson's 'boss' factor in legitimising Aristotle's particularisation: Why we need to revise current interpretations of Cantor's, Goedel's, Turing's and Tarski's formal reasoning

El abstract casi que es más corto:
I show--contrary to common beliefs tolerated by the 'bosses'--that any interpretation of ZF that admits Aristotle's particularisation is not sound; that the standard interpretation of PA is not sound; that PA is consistent but omega-inconsistent; that a sound finitary interpretation of PA is definable in terms of Turing-computability; and that PA cannot be consistently extended to ZF.

* * *

Lamentablemente, el autor ha demostrado de manera sencilla que P =/= NP, y que Godel y Cantor están equivocados.

No way.