903.- Un paper de mayo

903.- Un paper de mayo

(pdf) "Measurement of the ttbar Production Cross Section in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV in Dilepton Final States"...

...555 autores!

Ok, ya sé, el record anda por los mil, pero era en un paper de medicina. Esto, en
cambio, es un grupo DØ Collabortation, que ya tiene 140 papers en el arXiv.

* * *

Uno se pregunta cómo un paper tiene tantos autores, qué reglas se siguen para escribirlo... Bien! las respuestas están en la página del proyecto dedicada a los autores. Las reglas, DØ Authorship Rules, resultan interesantes, aunque no termino de hacerme una idea global del asunto.

Para que vean por qué, les dejo esto como ejemplo:

(...) significant contributions to DZero can be defined as comprising at least 12 hours per week devoted to the type of tasks described in items (a)-(f) below. Only through explicit approval by the Spokesperson(s) will authorship be granted to any individual who contributes mainly in the analysis of data or in the kind of tasks that are described in items (g) or (h).

Las itálicas son mías. ¿Por qué? Las reglas (a)-(f) son "Service Tasks", mientras que (g)-(h) son "Physics Tasks":

(e) Working on management of personnel issues for DZero, administration of
DZero -associated contracts and grants, serving on sundry DZero committees, serving as a physics convener or as a convener or coordinator of technical topics (e.g., electron ID).

(g) Writing or reviewing DZero papers, reviewing DZero presentations for any
conferences, or advising graduate students.

(h) Participating in DZero meetings, workshops and discussions, analyzing the results
of physics simulations, or performing physics analysis for a paper or a PhD thesis.

Hay reglas también para el ingreso al grupo, y para la salida del mismo ("who leaves DZero will be entitled to remain on the author list one year after departure. In recognition of... those scientists will be considered authors of the first five such
collaboration-wide physics publications"), short-term visitors, ("will be entitled to
authorship of one paper for every two months spent full-time..."), etc.

Otras caras de la ciencia.