924.- Volve, Kasparov!

Me preguntaba en qué andaba Kasparov, a ver si tenía ganas de cortarle alguna cabeza a Hydra, pero se lo ve muy ocupado:

    Why did you form the United Civil Front? Are you waging a war?

    The ruling authorities have declared a war on the people. The number of people dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the country is growing. After the country's second presidential election, or rather after Putin's appointment, this tendency has been increasingly apparent. The regime is toughening its policy line. True, the majority of these people are still showing only passive dissatisfaction, but whereas during Putin's first term in office, their discontent could not be measured mathematically, now it is there for everyone to see.

    Today, the dividing line in Russian society should not run traditionally between rightists and leftists; it should point to the extent to which people are ready to make tough demands upon the current regime. All of today's political organizations have a narrow focus; it is useless to talk now about the political program we will have in 2007. When the results of elections are falsified, it doesn't matter who is five degrees more to the left or to the right.

...pero no se si está en política o matemáticas.(Acá, vía DalyDirt)

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pini dijo...

si vengo callada desde hace rato no es por falta de intención, sino porque no sé qué pieza mover.

(en otra vida seré reina o teorema).

JuanPablo dijo...

Teorema de Pini: pini es una reina.

dem: trivial!