881.- No hay caso

881.- No hay caso

    At some stage the name Kasparov will disappear from the FIDE rating list. Who do you consider at the current time to be the strongest chess player in the world?

    The situation is very simple. There are certain titles that a sportsman or a team can achieve. Let us take soccer. Brazil is the world champion, that is clear. But which is currently the strongest team is a speculative question. Some prefer Brazil, others Argentina, and others think Italy is very strong. That is always a temporary snap-shot. This is exactly the same in chess.

Kramnik, digno exponente ajedrecístico del estilo futbolístico de Griguol. Sólo así se explica que incluya a los tanos...

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Mago Sin Paloma dijo...

Kramnik!!! Si se junto a jugar al ajedrez con Vitali Klitschko, que se puede esperar!

Aca le aguantamo lo' trapo a Yirov

JuanPablo dijo...

esooo... aguanten lo' pibe'! primero fuego en el tablero y despué' quemamo' todo!!