595.- "Knots", de Alexei Sossinsky

Leo en el review de ese libro un extracto que también lo impresionó a L. H. Kauffman:

    "God knows I do not like excalamation points. I generally prefer anglosaxon understatement to the exalted declarations of the slavic soul. Yet I had to restraint myself from putting two exclamation points instead of just one at the end of the previous section. Why? Lovers of mathematics will understand. For every one else: the emotion a mathematician experiences when he encounters (or discover) something similar is close to what the art lover feels when he first looks at Michelangelo's creation in the Sistine Chapel. Or better yet (in the case of a discovery), the euphoria that the conductor must experience when all the musicians and the choir, in the same breath that he instills an control, repeat the "Ode to Joy" at the end of the fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth."

(¡¿Beethoven estará en el eje del mal?!)

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