Pocos blogs pueden contar con 'dueños' tan distinguidos como Julio César. Excelente idea (y muy original). Buena data si hace falta, y el mapa indispensable para saber dónde transcurre la acción. Y postea la historia, las rebeliones y batallas:

  • The Helvetii got very close. We found a hill close by; I sent the cavalry out to engage the Helvetii as I lined up the legions on the hill. The four veteran legions out front, the two newer ones and the reserves up high. I had the veterans build some quick defenses. Also, I had all the horses sent out of sight, so no one would even think about fleeing.
    The Helvetii charged in phalanx formation. My men threw their spears from their position of height and easily broke the enemy's line. Then we charged. The Helvetii tend to pack closely together in battle, so a thrown spear often pins two or more of their shields together. As you may know, we design our spears to break off in the enemy's armor, so that they can't be thrown back. Anyway, because they were all pinned up like this, the Gauls had a hard time defending themselves.
    The Helvetii were retreating to another hill, and my veterans pursuing them, when 15,000 Helvetian reserve troops came up quickly and surrounded us. We were forced to fight on two fronts. Eventually the first force gave up and continued their retreat. Then their reserve force backed up and used their own baggage train as a fortification. The fighting continued until very recently – it was a hard battle, but finally my men overcame the Gauls. We weren't able to take many prisoners, however. (Against the helvetii)

O las incertidumbres durante una campaña:

  • "Forced march all day, but we're still a day away from Besançon. I hope we're not too late. Something – the possiblity of fighting at a disadvantage, maybe – is making me think about Julia, my daughter. I hope Pompey is treating her well." (War with the german King)

O el comienzo de una invasión:

  • "We crossed back into Gaul and destroyed the bridge behind us. It's near the end of the summer, but I have further plans before this year's campaign is over. We are going to Britain." (German invasion)

Ahora está enfrentando a Vercingetorix:

  • "We're on our way to Gorgobina. I left two legions in Agedincum with the heavy baggage. At present we're besieging the Senonan stronghold of Vellaunodunum, so as not to leave enemies in our rear when we advance and thus endanger the safe flow of supplies. My men are digging away building thorough encircling trenches.
    I'm going to request an additional legion, as clearly Vercingetorix is a wily opponent, and more soldiers always helps. I think Pompey owes me a few favours anyway."

Lástima que ya le vi el final... y tu también, Brutus... (¿sentirá escalofríos el autor cuando tipee ese último post? ¿mirará hacia atrás a cada rato, por las dudas?)

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